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Legal Representation for Property Buyers and Sellers

From your initial purchase to the final sale, and all the complex legal issues you may encounter in between, the Law Office of Francesca Falzone provides precise guidance on real-estate matters, ensuring successful outcomes in a wide variety of property-related disputes.

Buying real estate represents a significant investment for any individual, family or business. Despite the high costs, many people involved in private and commercial property deals do so without taking necessary legal advice, or seeking to protect their own best interests.

We are skilled negotiators, always looking for a mediated settlement to resolve property issues favorably and defend the rights of our clients. When all other options have been exhausted and litigation is necessary, you’ll find we make shrewd, well-informed advocates in and out of the courtroom.

Guidance in Residential Real Estate Closings

Most homebuyers do not realize it’s possible to use a local attorney, rather than a title company or agent, when completing the purchase of a property. Likewise, a law firm like ours will have their best interests in mind, rather than simply wanting to complete the transaction quickly and take a commission.

Tailored to your personal circumstances, the methodical five-step approach we use as property closing advocates will protect your rights, safeguarding you and your family from future legal problems.

Charges we can advise and assist you with include, but are not limited to:

  • Title deed examination — Identifying any possible restrictions to your ownership, existing debt on the property or historical judgements and ensuring such concerns are addressed before closing.

  • Title insurance — We will advise you on cost-effective insurance to protect your ownership rights and prevent future disputes.

  • Coordination — As closing nears, our role coordinating the various parties involved eases the stress on you. Our team will ensure communication between buyer, seller, lender where applicable, and other agencies takes place in a timely manner.

  • Document review — One of our real estate attorneys will accompany you on the day of closing and review all necessary documentation.

  • Record and disbursement of funds — Following our final review of the title and deed, we will close the transaction and distribute payment of taxes, fees, insurance premiums and seller proceeds.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, residential real estate closing can be a confusing process. Our counsel provides an affordable alternative, that protects your best interests above everything else.

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Legal Support for Landlords and Property Owners in Eviction Proceedings

Evictions can be an expensive business, costing landlords valuable time and lost revenue. As your advocates, we never lose sight of that, focusing our attention on restoring income streams, by acting swiftly to enforce your rights.

While we always seek a negotiated resolution in your favor, when it’s in your best interests, attorney Falzone will vigorously pursue debtors through litigation, to retrieve lost income or expenses.

If you have any questions, regarding real estate or property law in Buffalo, Erie County or Western New York state, we will be happy to answer them. To arrange a free initial consultation call our office or email us.